RR Energy Limited is a leading renewable energy company specializing in biomass power production. Their flagship project is a 15 MW biomass power plant that utilizes rice husk, a byproduct of rice milling, to generate electricity. This innovative facility exemplifies sustainable energy practices by converting agricultural waste into a valuable resource, thereby reducing environmental impact and promoting economic growth. RR Energy Limited’s biomass power plant not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also diminishes the reliance on fossil fuels. Furthermore, the ash produced during combustion is repurposed as a soil conditioner or in construction materials, ensuring minimal waste. By leveraging locally sourced rice husks, RR Energy Limited supports sustainable agricultural practices and strengthens the local economy, demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship and community development.

RR Energy Limited (RREL) is an unlisted public limited company. It was incorporated on 27th April 2004 as a private limited company under the provisions of companies act 1956 and later promoters have converted it into public limited company in the year 2006. The registered office and plant site of company is located at village Garumaria, Jharsuguda Road, Raigarh(CG).

RREL is promoted by some of the well-known and respectable business personalities of Chhattisgarh. The promoters of RREL have diversified business ventures. They are presently engaged in following sectors.

  • Power Generation.
  • Manufacturing of Ferro Alloys.
  • Infrastructure Contractor, Road & Bridge Construction, Dam etc.
  • Logistic Provider
  • Coal Trading
  • Manufacturing of Steel.


Our mission is to be one of the significant force in the Power industry world wide to bring out the best technology to keep phase with the changing times, maintain highest level of productivity, adopt all process techniques to achieve least production costs, produce products defect free to satisfy all our shareholders, all governments, lending institutions and society at large.


To be a leading player in the Power industry worldwide, harnessing the best technology and maintaining the highest levels of productivity to create defect-free products and satisfy customers, shareholders and users and through them, society at large.


We employ best manufacturing techniques so that quality is maintained right from the raw material stage to processing to finished products. All finished products are tested through our Quality Assurance lab and only when products go through our stringent quality norms they are dispatched to our valued customers.

Raw Material Collection and Preparation

Rice Husk Collection: Rice husks, a byproduct of rice milling, are collected from rice mills.

Fuel Handling System

Feeding System: Rice husks are fed into the power plant’s combustion system using conveyors, feeders, or pneumatic systems, ensuring a steady and controlled flow of fuel.


Combustion: In direct combustion systems, rice husks are burned in a boiler to produce high-pressure steam.

Energy Conversion

Steam Generation: In combustion systems, the heat from burning rice husks generates steam in a boiler.

Power Generation

Steam Turbine: The high-pressure steam drives a steam turbine connected to a generator, producing electricity.

Electricity Distribution

Grid Connection: The electricity generated is stepped up to the required voltage using transformers and then fed in to the local 132 KB Grid production 11 KB electricity distribution.

“Our journey towards sustainable energy solutions is accelerating. This year, we expanded our renewable energy portfolio and invested in cutting-edge technologies.”

Mr. Rajendra Kumar Agrawal

Managing Director

Mr. Sanjay


Mr. Prabhu Nath Pandit


This partnership not only enhances the energy supply in Chhattisgarh but also promotes environmental sustainability. By using locally sourced biomass, RR Energy Limited reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to cleaner energy production. The 15 MW power plant ensures a reliable and consistent energy supply to CSPDCL, supporting the region’s growing energy demands.